Behold the new brogue.

Remember the beauteous Bertie peachy brogues I bought at the start of the summer? I’ve worn them until they’re practically falling to bits. I still love them too, which is why I cannot bear to part with them just yet. You see these brogues changed my perspective on all things shoe-related; for a while I thought you’d have to be uber-cool and/or leggy to get away with brogues, neither of which I am, or ever will be.

I’ve tried on lots of pairs since, and was particularly enamored with the pairs in Clarks. Yep, you read that right, I liked the shoes in Clarks, and I’m not ashamed of it. I was between a lovely deep maroon pair, or a leopard and black patent pair, that was until I saw that the leopard pair went to half-price and the maroon ones didn’t. The retail Gods were clearly making the decision for me. So they’ve just joined the ranks of my leopard army!

My own little piece of Gatsby.

Aoibhe Julie May 2013 774



Aoibhe Julie May 2013 780Since the inception of Etsy, I think we’ve all gone a little nuts for the quirkier side of the jewellery stand. These two beauties came from a friend who shares my interests in books, fashion and fun.

The pendant features a quote from The Great Gatsby, a book I love, there’s just something about the way Fitzgerald depicts the roaring twenties that makes me want to don a sparkly dress and drink a very expensive cocktail. The line in question is also a fair reflection of how myself and Áine (the lovely gift-giver) like to live, which also makes me smile.

The second is this cute ring with a little ‘S’ inscription. Love ’em!

Something old, and something new.

Aoibhe Julie May 2013 833

Powder is one of those products that I think can be underestimated by us beauty hoarders. This one, Make Up Forever’s HD Powder is one that has been languishing in a bag for ages, and not getting much love.

It’s only when I picked up the Real Techniques Powder brush that I realised the error of my ways. Together, these products manage to pull together my whole makeup look, smooth over any harsh make-up lines, and keep my foundation on for a lot longer. There’s no chalkiness to this powder, and the whiter than snow colour works perfectly, once you apply a tiny amount.

So forgive me lovely HD powder, I won’t forget you again.

You can buy Make-Up Forever products in their Dublin store or online, and Real Techniques brushes are available in Boots or online too. They’re a match made in a beauty blogger’s heaven.

The Christmas Comeback Kid.

Nothing like a few brandy and baileys to get you back in touch with your biggest loves. I’ve missed the blogging world, and have a few nice beauty posts coming up. For now, here’s what Christmas has been like in our house, complete with the cutest baby of all time.

It’s good to be back. Athbhliain faoi mhaise agaibh!

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