Hello world!

Hello friends,

I shall begin this beautiful blog with my current top 3 style icons. These change often but these ladies always catch my eye.

1. Olivia Palermo: An eye for the unusual, I love a good clash and this lady has it all figured out. She chooses well fitting clothes in beautiful colours that suit her. Her make-up is polished, skin always glowing and very beautiful. Love her.

2. Diane Kruger: Diane (or her stylist) picks casual clothes so well, perfectly fitting summer dresses with a straw hat, an elegant outfit that’s never too ‘done’ and make-up that always inspires. Her red carpet dresses are showstoppers

Blake Lively: A true Goddess. A body to die(t) for, luscious hair and clothes that inspire. Love her choice of colours and her glowy make-up.

What do you think? Who are your current fashion crushes?

Siún x


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Good one Siún! As you are probably aware I am the leader of the Slummy Mummys at the mo, it takes all my fashion energy to match Doireann’s socks to her cardi and hat! V important to be correctly accessorised at almost 4 months old, she herself is an avid if slightly subversive (far pinker) follower of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and the Montenegro Style Movement! -all about the blazers and rolled up trouser legs. Best of luck with the blog Siún!

  2. Thanks Tarah! I’ve been threatening to start this for months so took the plunge today. You never know I may feature some cool baby clothes.. just to inspire Doireann! She appears to like pink.. a woman after my own heart ;)

  3. Good recommendation for the MAC foundation as I am bored with my Clinique one. I have a very practical suggestion for everyone who gets watery eyes when chopping onions – wear swimming goggles! I swear, it works!

  4. That MAC foundation was recommended by the tutor on a Make-up Masterclass at the Marino Insititute that I got on Living Social deals, so there you are, you share the view of a professional! Well done on taking the plunge. You’ll have to show me how…

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