A Pint of plain is your only man. But is it only for men?

I like pretty things, high heels, lipstick and a gorgeous handbag. I also like a pint of Guinness, is this paradoxical? Pub politics reveal attitudes which are usually kept under wraps.

Think about this situation, men and women gather for Friday evening drinks, men drinking pints, women drinking a glass of pinot grigio, a G and T or a vodka. Both groups treat each other equally in the office environment, sexist comments are not tolerated and neither group is intentionally undermined. Now, replace the office desks with a bar, the pens with pints and the paper with King crisps and watch how the dynamic between two groups changes.

Should a woman (and I’ve been this woman!) order a pint of Guinness instead of sticking with her pack’s choice there will, undoubtedly be a comment  or sometimes in fact a whole conversation about the ethics of a woman drinking ‘a whole pint of Guinness’.

I am blaming neither group here, but rather I am blaming both. Women think it’s ‘not ladylike’. Men think ‘it’s weird’. Previous awareness of sexual equality evaporate by the last gulp of a pint.

The one comment that appears most often is: ‘it’s a man’s drink’. It appears that we are still preoccupied with defining what belongs in the male and female space and concerned with the invisible lines drawn between the two. Is a woman drinking a pint of Guinness blurring these lines more than we are comfortable with?

One thought on “A Pint of plain is your only man. But is it only for men?

  1. A pint of plain is your only man. Or in this case, a pint of plain is your only woman ;) Ya can’t beat it really can ya?

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