Bright is Beautiful

One of my favourite things about Irish people is our enthusiasm with regards to sunshine. When the rays break through we are out in shorts, off to the beach, drinking in beer gardens and fire up the barbecue and cooking whatever comes to hand on it. It brings people together and generally lifts the spirits. I love that.

Make-up also brightens up during the summer months. One of the major annual trends is the move away from dark berry or red lips to a bright bite. I have embraced this and think it can look amazing on anyone. Here are the bright lipsticks and glosses I adore.

Mac Girl About Town Amplified:

A creamy texture and a gorgeous slutty colour. This, despite being bright, is easy to wear thanks to the lovely quality. I think this is stunning with defined brows, and a little soft coloured (brown, grey, navy) liner. I also think it needs a little bronzer on the skin.  This is what Kim Kardashian is apparently wearing in the pic below: beautiful non?


Barry M: Lip Paint in 52

This baby would shock the life out of some people, it’s not for the faint-hearted but it looks brilliant on. Really good value, about €6 and you can put on one coat and leave it as a bright stain(rub it on with your finger for a softer look) or put on a few coats and light up a room. It’s my current go to. Again, I think this needs a bronzey, glowy skin to look it’s best. Lisa Eldridge does an amazing tutorial using this (

Revlon Coral Lipstick

This is a summery version of the classic red. It’s got an orangey tinge to it but much easier to wear I think. I think it can really dress up on outfit if just rubbed on casually with great skin.



One thought on “Bright is Beautiful

  1. Hi Siun, really impressed with your blog, great stuff. Attractive style of writing which holds one’s interest. Length of critiques is perfect. Good photos too. Dad says satisfactory ! !

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