Irish celebrity fashion: the good, the bad and the scary

I hate to be negative but despite being a country of wonderful things and talents, Irish celeb fashion leaves a lot to be desired.. I introduce you to my exhibits:

Rosanna Davsion, such a pretty girl, why then does she dress like a barbie and apply her make-up with a make-up gun? Less is totes more babes!

Rosanna gets it wrong

Amanda Brunker: Never mind all the other stuff, I just don’t think she looks as good as she could.

Ah now Amanda

One lady who gets it right is Miss Amy Huberman. Love her choice of colours, she picks outfits that suit her figure and her make-up is always really nice and natural.

Gorgeous green creature

Úna Healy from the Saturdays always looks cute too. She dresses for her age and her clothes are fun and her gorgeous red hair completes her look.

Úna rocking the playsuit, fair play!

One thought on “Irish celebrity fashion: the good, the bad and the scary

  1. Totes agree about Amanda Brunker, she could look so good but she tends to go for tacky more often than not.

    Love Una too but didn’t like the dress and wrap that she wore to the Zara Phillips wedding. Did you see it? She usually looks so much better.

    Amy is amazing FULL STOP

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