Show Bands

Is there anything cuter than a perfectly placed hairband? I think not. I have quite the collection, from bows to beaded and some lace ones too. I generally wear them with my hair scraped back. Here’s how some famous faces wear them:

Nicole Richie opts for hippy boho with her’s and looks beautiful. The key here is to keep your hair flowy and relaxed. Nothing too ‘done’.

Nicole does relaxed glamour

Rihanna opts for her usual edgier look with a scarf tied in a bow. I think the volume in the back makes this look. Flat hair and a hair band like wouldn’t work as well.

Rihanna goes retro

Next up, one of my fashion icons, Diane Kruger wears her band to accentuate her soft up-do. I think this is my personal favourite. Understated yet glamorous.

Diane does simple perfection

Of course, I don’t think I could do a hairband post without mentioning the ultimate band bitch, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. She shows us how it’s done, glossy wavy blowdry and a different band for every day.

Blair's signature band


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