This is not a hint…

I’m not getting married but I do love a good stylish wedding! I love looking at all of the details, flowers, shoes, hair, bridesmaids dresses, and the bride of course! There is a fantastic wedding blog for those who are getting wed and this is where I got these images from(except the last), it’s The weddings range from wonderful and glamorous to quirky and sometimes just plain weird. Here are some that caught my eye:

A bkie with flowers in the basket, so sweet

Love the colour

isn't this pink amazing?

I love hairbands. My sister had one and it was gorgeous

Turquoise at a wedding, it can be done!

My sister's wedding, fab pic I think!

4 thoughts on “This is not a hint…

  1. Ooh haven’t seen that one, thanks! Yeah she got married in Italy, it was gorgeous and you would have LOVED the food. I think we had 7 courses of the most beautiful dishes. Am I weird that I am a wedding watcher?!! My poor sisters are dreading the day I get married I can tell ya!

  2. Lovely pics siuners. Idea for blog post – a mother of the bride/groom style poll. Get people to vote on the most sophisticated outfit of the day ;)

    Some amazing pics on that wedding gawker website. Will have to forward it on to a bride-to-be that I know.

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