Famous Friday Five: Sarah Jessica Parker’s got good sole

I am a huge fan of SJP, I think part of that loyalty is founded in the fact that I am

constantly being told that I look like her. I try not to take offence as she is often voted as the World’s Ugliest Woman… I personally think she is beautiful. She doesn’t conform to Hollywood’s unrealistic obsession with youth and she blazes the trail for the unique. More importantly.. she wears amazing shoes! I wonder if she always had the habit for heels or did Carrie’s traits rub off on her soles. Here are my top five as worn by SJP:

I love these brights. So simple, the colour does the talking here:

Pretty pinks

Nicholas Kirkwood appears to be her shoe of choice, and I can certainly see why. These are amazing and fit the term ‘fierce’.

I'd love to get my grubby paws on these

Illustrating the huge difference a gorgeous pair of shoes can make to an outfit below.

Mellow yellow

It’s not easy to match your dress with your shoes and get away with it but to see how it’s done, look at this! I also love the dress, the hair, the make-up, the legs.. I could go on…

Not tangoed in orange, fair play!

Last but not least, the lovely Brian Atwood sandal. Perfectly complimenting her casual outfit.

Heels to wear while shopping...if you're SJP

And that’s why she’s my Queen of the Heel.


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