Elysian Brows- For Arches To Be Proud Of

I am a fair-haired lady and my brows leave a lot to be desired with regards to definition. I tend to fill them in every day with a powder or a gel (I’ll do a little post on that soon). I had been plucking for a while and had probably been a bit over zealous. What with the trend towards the fuller more natural look of late, I decided not to touch them for two months.. of torture…

Elysian Interior

When I finally visited Elysian Brows I felt like I was going to shave them off if someone didn’t do something with them. For the first visit, I was asked about what I wanted, and advised to what would be the best shape and ways about achieving this. The ladies use threading in here, a technique I had no experience of but had heard a lot of. The pain was bad at all. I paid €30 for the first visit, and though that seems expensive, I didn’t return for about 7 weeks after and was very impressed with the results. Every other appointment after the first is €20. A definite thumbs up from me.

Katy Perry- eyebrow idol

Elysian Brows is at: 21 Dawson St, Dublin 2.



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