Summer’s Staples

I am off on my holidays from tomorrow for 2 weeks, but worry not, I’ll continue posting from the South of France. In true me fashion, I haven’t even thought about packing yet but here’s what I usually bring away with me in my make-up bag.

First and foremost, a high SPF that’s not going to ruin the skin on my face: Dermalogica does this great booster that you add to your moisturiser. It’s not hard to rub in and doesn’t lead to excessive oil.

Less is always more in the summer. I rarely bring a proper foundation. I like tinted moisturiser or if I can get away with it, I’ll just use concealer and bronzer. Here is a tinted moisturiser I like, it’s oil free and has SPF in-built.

Just enough coverage and no shine

The lovely people at Collection 2000 sent me out some products to try and I’ll most certainly be bringing them with me. I used this highlighter at the weekend on a night out and I was very impressed. It’s a peachy bronze quad. I swirled a Mac 187 brush over it and swept it over my cheekbones and the top of my brow bone. The result was a very believable and not at all like a robot glow. I’ll be reviewing these in more detail but safe to say for about €5 it’s brilliant.

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades

I think if you’re a little conservative about make-up, a holiday is a great time to try some things out that you mightn’t ordinarily wear at home. Next up is Benefit Coralista. I had seen so many bloggers raving about this, I just had to try it. Despite the price, which is expensive (about €30), this is a beautiful blush. Again, I used mine with my Mac 187 stippling brush as it’s quite pigmented and I didn’t want to go OTT.

Coralista, perfect summer flush

I will of course, bring some mascara, probably Clinique High Impact which I am fond of but I’m dying to try the new They’re Real by Benefit which is being loved by many a beauty buff at the moment.

Except for some fluoro bright nail polish in bright pink, coral or yellow (review to follow!), I think that’ll be it. What do you bring away?

One thought on “Summer’s Staples

  1. You can’t beat mini cleansers and shampoos for hols and a decent waterproof mascara!Nars multiples or bobbi brown pot rouge are great multi tasking cheek and lip products.I find you end up not wearing eyeshadow at all on hold,an eyeliner is usually enough.

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