Curly gurlies delights

I have for many years watched make-over programmes and really enjoyed them. One part that always grates on me is that they always straighten a girl’s curls. No matter how lovely her hair is. I always think that people look best when their hair is as close to natural as possible. Anyway, rant over.

It can be hard to find products for curls that don’t weigh it down, give it some bounce and doesn’t create the dreaded crispy curl. I want something that will help define the curls and give it a bit of shine without leaving it lank. I’ve been around the block with products.. here’s what I’ve found that really works.

Aveda Be Curly, Curl Enhancer. This is probably my all-time favourite. It’s a cream that doesn’t weigh hair down, it smells lovely, and gives great shine. It’s expensive at €25 in BT but you can buy online for cheaper. Also, the bottle is 200ml which lasts me about a year as you only use a little bit in damp hair.

Aveda Be Curly

Another product I’ve used and liked is the Kerastase Oleo Curl. This is a similar product though the texture is a little lighter. The smell is citrusy and really yummy. Again, use on damp hair. Similarly priced, around €25 but in a 150ml bottle, I think the Aveda is better value.

Kerastase Oleo Curl

Lastly, this is what I’ve been using this summer. Aussie Dual Personality Curl Definition and Soft Feel Serum. I bought this on 3 for 2 at Boots. I swear by the Aussie Leave-in Conditioner for my knots so decided to give this a whirl. Much cheaper than the other too, about €7 for 75ml, I was happy with this budget buy. I just use a little when my hair is damp and if I need a bit when my hair is dry I just rub it between my fingers and twist it around my curls.

Aussie Dual Personality Serum

My last but not least isn’t a hair product, per se. It’s a little thing I picked up last year in Peter Mark and cannot live without now. I paid about €15 for the Tangle Teezer. It’s a little miracle worker for those who have knotty hair. Mine can be like a jungle sometimes being curly and coloured. I used to spend 20 minutes trying to drag a brush through it after the shower.  I can fly through it now in 5 minutes. Seriously, if you have knotty hair, this will improve your quality of life!

The Tangle Teezer..a dream come true

Go forth and prosper curly gurlies… Let us never have to suffer with dodgy curls again. Right Liz?

Liz sporting some classic curls

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