Famous Friday Five: The Best of Kate

After seeing Kate Moss’ beautiful wedding pictures over on Ellie Loves, I was struck by how many amazing photos have been taken of her. I used to be distinctly whelmed by her, she didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor that some of the other models did in the 90s but have a little look at my Top 5 photos of her and I think you’ll agree, she comes alive in front of a lens. Mario Testino took all of these shots, I am also a huge fan of his too. It seems they’re a good team!

Has applying eyeliner ever looked so good?


Love this, the old dirty wall behind makes it


Love this outfit


Up Close and Beautiful

And finally, the wedding shot, they don’t come much better than this.. Loved her dress, her veil and her general air of happiness. Kate certainly takes a good photo. These photos will be in Vogue, can’t wait to see them all!

Kate, her father and her daughter.

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