French Fancies

As I am living la vie Francaise for the next while, la gastronamie Francaise is, as always, not disappointing. Moules frites and soup de poisson was last night’s choice and it was fab!

Back in Dublin, we can still have a little taste of France.. Here is where I go for some French Fancies.

French Paradox, Ballsbridge.

More like a wine bar that does great food, French Paradox is really charming. Baskets of bread a plenty and beautiful foie gras and more red wine than you could shake a stick at. Lovely. I noticed the other day that they have passed on the VAT decrease too, extra thumbs up for that mes amis.

French Paradox, Ballsbridge

Next up is Chez Max on Baggot St or Palace St.

This is a real haven for French food. They have all the good stuff, rabbit, frogs’ legs, snails and the desserts are perfectly glazed and ready to be devoured. I particularly like the atmospheric Moroccan room on Baggot St, great for a family/friends dinner. They also have a cute café for lunch or breakfast upstairs.

Chez Max

Bon Appetit!


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