Beauty Review: Waxperts, Dún Laoghaire

Reviewed by Áine..

Wax on, wax off!

Summertime – means baring the legs, getting the bikini on and laying at the pool, if you live anywhere but fair Éire that is! But summer means a boom time for pedicures, highlights and of course, hair removal.

Waxperts, a lovely salon located in the centre of Dún Laoghaire is my go-to for all things wax-related. Legs, eyebrows, bikini, you name it and Ellen and her staff will wax it!

Waxperts mantra!

This salon was founded  a couple of years ago by Ellen Kavanagh and has a cult following- people seem to travel from all over the country to go here.

Waxperts specialises in hotwax for bikini, underarms and face, not the horrible old strip waxing of long ago or the dreaded veet packet waxing! Strip wax is available for legs and back though, where it is better suited.
Ellen and her gals don’t use the ‘double dipping’ technique either, so the spatulas used to apply the wax are thrown away each time, no nasty bacteria here! The waxes have nice oils and skin-friendly ingredients in them, so less irrritation afterwards.

The salon itself is really tastefully decorated, with magazines and tvs in each treatment room, although the girls are so nice and chatty you don’t notice the time fly by, they make the experience of getting waxed, which lets face it can be embarrassing or a bit awkward sometimes, totally painfree!

Waxperts interior

There are a whole range of waxes to pick from, even vajazzling for the more Vegas showgirl types and I recommend the really good brow shape I got there recently.

Prices start at  €20 for a basic bikini and Waxperts now have a loyalty card you can use to fill up each visit. Based in 78 a George’s Street Lower in Dún Laoghaire, just above EBS- worth a visit and be a hairy mary no more!

I wonder could Waxperts sort out Kate the Great?

Check them out on facebook or at or phone 01 2140757

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