Product Review: Bog Standard Scented Candles and Soap

Reviewed by Áine..

Fine day for the bog!

We were recently sent a lovely parcel of soap and scented candles from Alix Mulholland at Bogstandard. Bogstandard is one of the homegrown success stories; natural, beautifully scented products that offer luxury at an affordable price.

Love the cute slogans

Beautifully packaged, the three candles were Irish Field, Irish Linen and Irish Rose, and have been burning away since they arrived two weeks ago. They really burn well, no mess and the scent lingers in the air. They contain 7% fragrance, whereas most scented candles only use 2 or 3 % fragrance- so they are well worth the spend.

They would make a beautiful gift parcel, and are a much more realistic alternative to Jo Malone. The candles are priced at 14.95 pounds sterling for a packet of three, or individually at 5.95 sterling. You can choose larger candles and square boxed candles also.

Multi-pack of scented candles

The soap was Irish orchard- with hints of pear and apple and not only cleaned hands but was moisturising. It’s almost too pretty to use and the packaging is so cute.  Priced at 5.95 pounds sterling, there are a wide range of scents to choose from, such as clover, coffee or rose and you can purchase multipacks too.

Irish Orchard scented soap

Pretty scented hand soap is a nice retro alternative to the generic handwash. I think it’d be fab in the shower too!
Bogstandard is based in Co Down and ships internationally, they sell hand care, soaps, candles, linens and gift sets which can be found in various outlets throughout Ireland, but check out their lovely site and blog at for all the latest info.


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