Anna Della Russo: Legend or Looper?

The more I see of Anna Della Russo, editor of Japanese Vogue, the more I like her. At the beginning I just thought, absolute victim of fashion but now I see the quirky uninhibited individual side and I think she’s an icon.

She manages to get herself to every fashion party going, wear next season’s trends before anyone has even seen them and generally be a bit ‘out there’. Her fashion is not for the faint-hearted but I think she manages to pull it off with panache and sheer cheek at times!

Here are a few of my favourite fashion moments of hers, mixed with some brilliant photography, of which she is the subject of.

This is one of my favourite fashion photos:

At Paris Fashion Week

Love these earrings and the shoes…

Big Bird Del Russo!

Fantastic dress and what a strut…

I'd wear this myself

Sunglasses in the dark…

Life is a catwalk for Miss Della Russo

I think it’s the smile that does it for me here..

Anna's lace causes a stir

What do you think? Fashion mess or Queen of Quirky?

3 thoughts on “Anna Della Russo: Legend or Looper?

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s a pair of Terry De Havillands she’s sporting the the first photo. Very nice. Was a big fan in my funkier, Drama student years circa 2004-2008. Have 4 or 5 pairs hidden away upstairs somewhere in the abyss that is my wardrobe. Am a bit more conservative these days but may pull out the snakeskin wedges some night again soon for fun. Thanks for the inadvertent reminder!

  2. Anna is a legend- total fashion madser but I love how she pushes it to the limit- this lady has an apartment for living in and one for her clothes!And owns a shocking amount of shoes. Not for everyday wear, but good fun!

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