Famous Friday Five: 5 Fantastic Frames

Thick framed retro glasses have been in fashion for the last year or two. Though I really like the look on certain people, I do think that it’s hard one to pull off and doesn’t always translate to street-chic like other things do. Anyway, here are some of my favourite framed fashionistas. What do you think? Hard to wear? Or easy chic?

Johnny Depp, hard not to like everything about him, but I think his glasses are great on him:

Johnny's funky frames

Jennifer Aniston’s turtoise shell specs look really good on her with her famous mane:

Jen's rocks her specs

I think Justin Timberlake has nailed what they call Geek Chic in the following:

JT making geek chic

Showing us where these retro glasses originated from is the one and only Miss Marilyn Monroe:

Marilyn gives us specs appeal

These Clark Kent frames are the ones I have been unsure about but Natalie Imbruglia proves they can be worn well, really well.

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