Florence’s Fashion Machine

With news of Florence Welch collaborating on a collection for Topshop, I think we can expect great things. Her style is unique, sometimes ethereal, enveloped in vintage gems and beautiful accessories. Seeing as she’s now BFFs with Blake Lively, they can advise each other on more gorgeous choices.

Let’s have a little look at her top looks, shall we?

Here she is with her celeb buddy and goddess-friend (we all have one of those don’t we?) I love the sparkly champagne olive colour of the dress against her beautiful whiter than white skin and striking hair. I also like that she hasn’t gone for the usual big blowdry most celebrities do. Lovely natural hair is a great contrast against such a glamorous dress.

Florence and Blake

Next up is Florence in a panelled black full length dress with a statement neck lace. I think this works on Florence because she’s so tall and she can really pull off the horizontal stripes thanks to her slight physique. Great Victorian edge to this.

Florence in Black Chanel

Next up might be my favourite, nude colours can be worn by even those with the palest of pigments! Stunning shape and love the red lips too.

Florence in the nude

Here’s Florence’s casual chic, leather jacket, leopard-print scarf, seven eights black skinnies and a great pair of sunglasses.

Leopard love from Florence

I think we’re in for a real treat with this Topshop collection, something unique and very pretty if we’re in luck!


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