Salon Review: The Style Club

The cooler funkier sister of Peter Mark is lives on South William Street. I imagine this to be the little sister of Peter Mark and it typifies the little sister vibe perfectly, loud, brash and attention-seeking.

Crazy interior design

The wild colours and clashing prints might put some off, and I can see why, the music is loud and the atmosphere is buzzy and alive. I liked this but was little apprehensive that myself and my mane would be made into something we’re not, to match the interior. I needn’t have worried, I placed in the capable hands of Laura and she eased any apprehensions I had.

I took down my hair and Laura had a look at what I was wearing and asked me a few questions about myself, did I usually wear a lot of make-up, what was my style etc. After this consultation, Laura talked to me about my hair and her thoughts on what we should do. She understood that I liked fashion but wasn’t after a ‘fashion cut’, she also liked my colour but suggested different ways of adding the colour and slightly altering the shades.

Loud noises

One thing that really impressed me was despite me booking in for a full-head of highlights and a cut, she suggested that I didn’t actually need as much colour as that, as I’m blondey anyway. I thought this was a really nice touch as a full-head obviously costs more, but damages hair more also.

After all the talking to start with, I had my hair washed and a Kerastase treatment added to protect and care for my coloured curly hair. She cut, while we chatted and as I was going out that night, gave me a lovely messy blow-dry. I was really impressed with the whole experience and it cost less than €100 for the whole lot.

Very Alice in Wonderland

All in all, a great experience and highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Salon Review: The Style Club

  1. I love this place, really relaxed but professional and a bit of fun. I’ve had my hair done by lots of hairdressers in there and all were really good and sound :)

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