The Sixties Return

Autumn Winter Collections at International Fashion Weeks heralded the Sixties as the era to be revived this time around. No sooner had the shows finished but high street designers started to copy and edit the trend.

Therefore, our favourite shops are awash with colour blocked  dresses, blocky heels, peter pan collars, mini-skirts, big buttons and macs. Here’s who we’ll be looking to for inspiration:

Mary Quant, a 60s designer who my mother often talks about. Seeing as my Mam is a real life fashionista (and also lived through the 60s!) I just had to show you her style.

Mary Quant

Jackie Onassis Kennedy, her iconic style never fails to inspire fashion 50 years later. Here’s why:

Jackie Onassis Kennedy

Julie Christie, a 60s model with a stunning look. Her fringe is perfect isn’t it? And this is before the dawn of the GHD!

Julie Christie

And of course, the screen siren herself, Brigitte Bardot. The voluminous hair, the black eye-liner and that look. Here are a few of her best:

Here's how to wear a playsuit!


What a profile

Adore the blouse here:

Beauty is...

I’ll do another post on the trend as copied by the high street shops but until then, take notes on these ladies for ideas!

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