Wedding Wednesday: How to avoid Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes… mostly horrible. Very often dated and old-fashioned without being cool. Here’s how to avoid the usual wedding shoe dilemma by going a bit wild and making the shoes a feature of the wedding.

Should money not be any object, go high-end and buy yourself a pair of Louboutins, you’ll wear them again and what a thing to keep!

Lovely Louboutins

You could always shirk tradition and go a little quirky….

Yellow Shoes and Socks!

Go nude….

Nude Beauties

I think these are stunning:

Blue Suede Wedding Shoes

Or if you’re really brave (for brave read thin and tall!) what about these?

Bride in Oxford Brogues

Which are your favourite?


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: How to avoid Wedding Shoes

  1. The gold valentino ones above with the bows are fab .. I’ve been lusting over them for a long time. Agree that wedding shoes are rank, and it baffles me that so many usually stylish girls go for them .. perhaps its easier to follow the traditional route than make a decision on which amazing pair to wear!

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