Product Review: Stila Convertible Color

Now that Stila is back in Ireland, I’m rejoicing. It’s a gorgeous brand, one of my favourites.  I used to use the Illuminating Foundation until Stila up and legged it but now that it’s back I might buy it again. Since its return I picked up Convertible Color cream blush in Lilium.

Stila Convertible Color in Lilium

I had seen Ellie Balfe and Kirstie from raving about the cream blushes so I decided to take the plunge.  It has immediately become my go-to blusher for daywear. I just used my fingers and put some powder over it, as it’s a little wet looking if you don’t. It brightens my complexion beautifully and lasts all day. It can also be used on the lips but my lips are quite red so I look weird if I put something paler on top.

It’s not a budget buy but a little on your fingertips is all that is required so I imagine I’ll be loving this a long time.


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