Applying wardrobe theory to make-up bags

I am an absolute magazine fiend, I adore the feel and smell and the whole idea of sitting in a café flicking through pages upon pages of great fashion photography..  From my vast experience of magazines and fashion blogs, one piece of advice seems to ring true. Invest in basic pieces and then you can have fun with accessories other pieces afterwards.  I’m not going to get into the good underwear debate but safe to say, we must invest in our futures!


I think that the same theory can be applied in terms of our make-up bags. Invest in some good skin. Drink water, wear SPF, use a good exfoliator and moisturiser, foundation and concealer and then have fun with the other bits.

I always notice if someone has particularly good skin, it really makes their make-up look gorgeous. Whether it’s a smoky eye or an orange lip, it all looks better if you’re wearing the right foundation for you.  If you’re thinking of investing I really rate Stila, Bobbi Brown and YSL.  It’s basically like buying yourself a great bra and we all know how far that can get you.

Flawless skin

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