Product Review: Roc Hydra+ Moisturiser

My skin can be as moody as I am at times and I’ve been looking for something that would hydrate while not being too rich or oily for my teenage tendencies too. Given the huge range of products that are available you would think that something like that would be easy to come by. Not so.

Roc Hydra+

I’ve found many do not hydrate enough in the areas that I need it to, forehead and cheeks and others are too rich for my t-zone. Along came Roc Hydra+ and has managed to satisfy me on both accounts. I’ve been using the rich version, which I was a little wary about at the start but have found it to be great.  My skin has felt much smoother and happier since I’ve started using it and I’ve not noticed any reaction to its richness at all.

My only gripe is that there is no SPF included, something which is disappointing given all the rest of the great qualities about it. It’s about €17.95 in pharmacies nationwide.


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