Dolly does it for me

For many’s a year now, my sister and I have loved Dolly Parton. We went to see her last night in the O2,  her music is great, her voice is as clear and beautiful as any I’ve heard.

Dolly and Mick Jagger

Besides that, I also think she is an icon for women. Laugh as you might to think that’s paradoxical because of her image, if you look a little closer you’ll see she is a woman of strength, confidence and indivduality.

Dolly grew up in the rural Smokey Mountains, a place she often sings about. She confesses that she thought the prettiest lady she ever saw was the local tramp.  She modelled herself on her, and still does. Dolly openly laughs at herself, the hair, the boobs and the clothes. She loves how she looks and is completely honest about work she has had done and why. I love her for taking an anti-feminist’s body and making it her own.

Though she has uttered many a famous word, I think this particularly sums her up:

‘People think I’m a dumb blonde, I ain’t dumb, and I certainly ain’t blonde’

Dolly Parton

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