Product Review: Elemis Skincare

This by Áine…

I have been enchanted by Elemis products and therapies- the oil infused lotions, the wonderful scents of frangipani , of monoi oil that evokes images of Tahiti, the South Seas, and desert islands.

In reality, you are geting a facial in rainy Ireland but their range is very attractive.

I use Elemis Bath products quite often, having bought a Christmas(that word!) box on special offer last year. Their body and hair oil -Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt, is an all rounder product. It comes in a solid form, in a glass bottle, you immerse the bottle in warm water and it melts to a lovely oil consistency.

It is heavily scented, but the scent itself isn’t too overpowering. i use this as a bath oil, as a hair treatment, on cuticles and as a body lotion. A little goes a long way, I have over half the bottle left after almost 10 months of use.

Elemis Moisture Melt

Another of the bath products, is a rich shower cream, Exotic Frangipani Shower and Bath Cream is a must have for colder winter weather when skin needs more than a gel soap type wash. It is non foaming as it doesnt contain sulphates or parabens and you find you use a lot less product. I also double this up as a bath cream to add fragrance to the bath.

Elemis Bath Shower Cream


I have also tried the Elemis Herbal Lavender repair facial, it uses a lot of essential oils for cleansing- including a refreshing lime oil, but the focus was on cell and skin repair, rather than pore cleanouts or investigations. I think the facials really have great effects on older or more dehydrated skin, or maybe I haven’t found my holy grail treatment yet.

Do you like Elemis products? Or do you find them a little too ‘spa’ for your routine?

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