Best Books!

This by Áine…

Autumn makes me want to read every chance i get, I love being inside listening to the bad weather, with a glass of something suitably yum! Nothing beats a good book to get lost in. Here are some of my  favourites


The Story of Lucy Gault – William Trevor
This must be one of the most heartwrenching stories I’ve read. An AngloIrish family are forced to leave their stately home in the South of Ireland during the 1920’s with their only child, but tragedy strikes and the family are destroyed due to one simple mistake. Beautifully written, William Trevor evokes  a sense of time and place, along with great emotion though his words can be so reserved and controlled. It is a fantastic read.
That they may face the rising sun- John McGahern
A great book, of the lives of a couple who move from England to a house  on the shores of a Leitrim lake, making a home for themselves among their country neighbours. John Mcgahern’s books are so honest and focus on the small, but fascinating rituals of Irish country life- the wake, the obsession with the home, the land and one’s standing in the parish.

McCarthy’s Bar- Pete McCarthy.
A humourous account of an Englishman’s travels round Ireland, calling in to every pub that bears the name Mac Carthy or McCarthy. He shows the country and the people and pub culture in a very funny refreshing light.

Twilight- Stephenie Meyer
Who can resist a story of forbidden teenage love between an undead vampire hunk and an average American highschool girl? Throw in life or death situations, romance and the dreamiest sounding boyfriend ever(though he is as cold as ice) and not only have you a bestseller, you have a box office smash! Team Edward all the way girls!


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