Product Review: Micellar Cleansers

This review by Áine…

Normally I’m an Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel or Soap and Glory Hot Cloth pore girl. I like a really good cleanse but nothing that is going to strip my skin- like the teenage years of Clearasil wipe off cleanser- pure rubbing alcohol right there!

The Sephora Triple Action cleansing water

This contains no alcohols or parabens. It is a clear non oily liquid that you apply to a cotton pad and sweep over the face, its way too liquidy to apply to hands first, and you don’t need to rinse it. It proved 80 percent effective at removing foundation,and better at eye makeup remover duties- although you need to have a few tries at taking off  really heavy eye makeup. It is great at tidying up eyemakeup errors, on a cotton wool bud as it is non greasy and doesnt smear or bleed out your mascara/eyeliner. I still felt I wanted to wash my face with a ‘real’ cleanser after though.

Sephora cleanser

Bioderma Crealine H2O

Beauty gurus rave about it!I had to pick it up, in fact Bioderma do about four variations of this, for extra sensitive skin, oily skin etc. This I have used a few times, and it is alright, I wouldn’t go mad for it! Good at eye makeup, but its use at cleansing the skin and pores- I can’t see it!I don’t think this is available in Irish chemists, but I wouldn’t go hunting for it again. Sad, because I wanted to love it so so much.

Bio derma Cleanser

Nuxe’s Micellar Cleansing water.

It has essence of rose in it, and you really can smell this, my only gripe with the product. I also tried the Nuxe face/body cleansing gel that came in the travel pack, and the smell of honey in it nearly knocked me out, no amount of rinsing off seemed to shift it from my face. It’ll be confined to body from now on! I have used most of the little bottle on weekend trips and it is gentle on skin and seems to shift most makeup- although you do have to make an extra effort with mascara. I would repurchase, only for travel purposes, not as a full time cleanser.

Nuxe Cleanser

There you have it, unfortunately I wasn’t bowled over by these new fangled cleansers, I like a real gel or cream wash off cleanser and that may have been my bugbear with these 3 offerings.
Have you been converted to non rinse cleansers readers? Let us know!


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