Restaurant Review: La Bodega, Ranelagh

After spending three weeks travelling around Spain during the summer, I have a real love for tapas. Of course, tapas in Spain and tapas in Ireland are very different. Spanish tapas is usually sitting on a counter and you point at what you want. Lots of it is bread-based and a mug of red wine (which is sometimes chilled!) is the accompaniment.

We visited La Bodega in Ranelagh on recommendation of a friend who had been, and really enjoyed it. We went at lunch with no reservation, I gather that trying to get a table in the evening can sometimes be a totes mare.

La Bodega interior

Two tapas for €8 seemed reasonable and when they arrived, seemed very good value. We ordered calamari, a chickpeas with black pudding and coriander, a goats cheese salad with apple, patatas bravas, and spicy chicken wings. Cathal had a glass of house red.

The food arrived fairly promptly and it seemed we had over-ordered.. again!

The food was great though. The salad was presented beautifully, the goats cheese was tangy without being bitter. The chicken wings were good, and hot. I loved the chickpeas and black pudding and the patatas bravas were lovely and crispy on the outside. The calamari was a little soggy though, that would be my only gripe.  The wine was full flavoured and really tasty.

The bill came to €28 euro.  Good value for great food. I’ll be back.


One thought on “Restaurant Review: La Bodega, Ranelagh

  1. Yummy yummy yum yum. Would you like me to do a review of Bombay Pantry for ya?

    Ok here goes: nom nom nom nom nom nom – breath- nomnonmnonmnonmnomnomnom

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