Product Review: Ógra Body Products

This review by Áine..

I have been using these for almost three weeks and I am a huge bodylotion/scrub fan so loved testing these out.

1. Wild Heather Body Scrub
This is a pleasantly floral scented scrub,more creamy than grainy- very different from Clinique Sparkle skin, but it worked just as well. I like to test my body scrubs on damp , not wet skin, and this one has medium sizes granules in a moisturising cream formula. It has ginger added to help tone and purify.  If  you find regular body scrubs dry out your skin, then this one would be perfect. My only problem is thats it is a little bit pricey- so maybe as a luxe gift it’d be great at  €29 for 150 ml.

Ógra Skincare

2-Warm Citrus Body Moisturiser

This body lotion definitely lives up to its name,it is really moisture rich and smells of orange, and maybe a hint of mint. I applied after a shower and next day my skin was really soft and didn’t smell too strongly of the lotion, a pet hate of mine when you are like a walking perfumerie! It took a while to sink in but I applied just before bed so it had all night to work its magic. It reminded me of Origins body souffles and I think I would purchase this again. €29 for 150 ml.

Ógra can be bought online at and a variety of country wide stockists- straight from the bogs of Offaly to the shelves of discerning beauty lovers throughout the country.

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