Nail It

I haven’t done a post on nails before, even though I paint my nails most days! We have quite a collection in our apartment, much to the joy of friends who come and visit and tend to try a few. I am drawn to reds and pinks but more and more I am widening my interests in nail colours. I don’t think I’ll ever be a girl who is crazy for nail art or prints but I do like little sparkle and something a little unusual too.  What do you think?

Grey with one glitter


Black and pretty


Sparkly Tips

2 thoughts on “Nail It

  1. Oh i love the one glitter nail look. I’ll have to pick up a glitter varnish when I’m up the maaaaaarshes tomorrow ;) I’ve been putting off buying one so far because it reminds me of being 14 and wearing multicoloured glitter nail varnish and painting things with it, like pencil cases and then phone covers, cringe. Did anyone else do that?

  2. I most certainly did, phone covers and I once made a ‘picture’ from using nail polish with a glitter one on top.. I like the one nail too. Must give it a go.

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