Nicely Natural does it for me..

Despite having a love for all things bright, wonderful, sparkly and exciting, I do believe that there is nothing prettier than a simply and naturally made-up face. From what I’ve heard, that’s what men like in women too. Nothing that looks like it’s going to crack or fall off when you touch it.

Peachy and gorgeous

One of the prettiest things in a natural beauty is often the skin. Sadly, us Irish gals have a tendency to cover the skin in a wash of colour and texture that removes all traces of our natural skin.  Try and scale back on what coverage you’re using, if you can.

1.Use a good exfoliator, I love Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant to remove the dead dull skin. Put on some moisturiser, I’m still loving my Roc Hydra+.

2.Using a little brow powder, fill in any gaps in your brows and define them a little. Nothing too drastic ya hear!

3.Apply a little eyeshadow primer, I’m using Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it really keeps my shadow in place. Using a neutral or creamy shade, apply a soft wash of colour to the lid. I love Mac Shroom. The purpose of this is too awaken the eyes and too brighten the area.

4.Apply some mascara, make it as natural looking as possible, removing any clumps.

5.Conceal any dark circles under the eyes using a brightening concealer. I adore Clinique Airbrush Concealer. Make sure you blend this in well.

That skin!

6.Using a little light to medium foundation, start in the middle of your face and blend outwards. Use as little as possible, you can always apply more if needs be.

7.To lift the skin a little, apply a light bronzer to under the cheek bones, down the nose and forehead. Try not to go OTT here!

8.To finish, using a pinky or peachy blusher, gel or cream looks more natural but whatever you’ve got, apply a little blusher to the apples of the cheeks.

9.Pop on some lip balm, tinted or not, and you should be looking like yourself, only better!

And pout!


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