More booky wooks..

This isn’t a post about the fantastic Russell Brand (I could write a whole blog on him), here are a few more great books I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I go through books at quite a rate when I’m in the mood meaning that there are some that I’ll forget. However, the ones I remember are the special ones. Here are some I’ll never forget..

The Poisonwood Bible- Barbara Kingsolver

Diary entries from members of a family who have moved to the Congo, included an autistic child who provides much insight and humour into their journey. I bought the Lacuna too, a newer one from Kingsolver but didn’t love it as much. My Mother adored it though


2. The Woman Who Walked Into Doors- Roddy Doyle

I discovered this book while studying Doyle in university. I’ve read it twice since and it has left a mark on me each time. Realist and hard to read in parts, Doyle depicts the life of domestic violence and desperation.  I’m also a fan of Doyle’s other works but this is my favourite.


3.  The Side of Brightness- Colum Mc Cann

I read this on holidays this summer in four hours. I could not put it down. A tale of loss, poverty, misunderstanding all told with the New York subway as a backdrop. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Mc Cann

4.How to be a woman- Caitlin Moran

I’ve just started reading this and I spent all of yesterday evening laughing. Her perspective on new-age feminism and growing into a woman is clever, honest and so funny. A must read.

How to be a woman

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