Salon/Service Review: Beauty Edit with Ellie Balfe

Being a self confessed beauty junkie is tough. So many products, so little time. Mostly using the same products and buying similar colours. Áine and myself despite having beauty collections that some would consider sinful, found ourselves stuck in a rut. Áine was afraid of using lipcolour and I tended towards the same eyecolours and looks all the time.

Ellie works her magic

Being an avid reader of Ellie Loves brought Ellie to our attention. One of her courses was described as a few hours going through our make-up bags, suggesting how to use our products better and what could aid us. Bingo!

Off we went to Harvey Nichols in Dundrum, armed with a lorry load of palettes, lipglosses and highlighters. Ellie looked through every inch of our collections, suggesting different ways to wear our products and various looks that could be achieved from what we had.

Ellie's Kit!

After that, we went to peruse the beauty hall with Ellie so she could point us towards things we might not have gone for our selves. Áine picked up a stunning red Chanel lipstick and a YSL bronzer and I went for a pretty Elis Faas gel eyeshadow.

Ellie applied our make-up then for a night out, mine was a deep smoky eye, something I’d been a bit wary of and Áine’s was a classic red lip with black lined eyes.

We both loved the whole experience and felt that Ellie was interested and passionate in what she was doing. Totally recommend. Have a little look at Ellie’s website for more details:

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