Retro Reds

Stunning shade

The weather is pretty bad and we’re all back in our black tights so I think we should celebrate the nice thing about the winter.. and one of those is the crimson shades.

There is such a range of shades, textures and brands out there, it’s hard to know where to start.  Unless you’ve a lot to invest, I think we can look to Rimmel’s latest collection of Kate Moss lipsticks. They cost less than a tenner and the red one is beautiful. If you don’t see one you like there, look to Revlon, another great collection of colour there.

Mac Russian Red

I wear a Mac one called Russian Red. It’s very matte, maybe a little too matte for me so I tend to put some lipbalm over it. It stays put if I wear lip pencil underneath and looks nice and bright.

I’ve heard so many times that you should just wear a little eyeliner with red lips but I feel so bare doing that. I generally use a shimmery goldy or peach colour and lots of mascara. Oh, and don’t forget to fill in your brows.


When done well, there’s nothing nicer.


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