Man Talk

This piece is by Richard, a man with a fierce eye for fashion. Here are his top wardrobe staples…

Shoes in my opinion should stand the test of time in every manner, so here’s an example, churchs’ leather penny loafers, stylish and versatile from one of Englands oldest shoemakers. It’s that simple, buy them, care for them…..and in 10years time slip them on with a pair of blue jeans and a shirt…..faultless.

Classic Penny Loafers

With a great pair of shoes, there is the great pair of jeans. One name stands out among the rest for me…PRPS, durable, stylish, and this pair of navy raw denim will go with almost anything.

Dark Denim Jeans

Something that is in this season and I have really grown to like is the duffel coat. Burberrys version for AW 2011 is full of color, a nice twist on the common grey and black pieces so often seen.

Colour pop Duffle

The white shirt, probably the most versatile of all. You cannot have too many, a crisp one for the grey suit, an Oxford one with a pair of jeans, a short sleeved with shorts for the summer….you get the idea, and also with each designer there comes their own individual detail, take the long sleeve poplin shirt by Acne, equipped with inner buttons behind each collar tip to provide a structured look, with or without a tie.

Acne White Shirt

Although more grey in color, this long sleeve shirt by Neil Barrett comes pre creased and with leather panel, a sort of casual grungy take on the classic shirt.

Grungey Shirt



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