A little imagination is priceless

Call it what you like, budget day, the dark day, lá an bhuiséid, the day when we all lose a little more money.. it’s here. As frivolous as fashion can be, and I admit that, sometimes a little wardrobe update puts a pep in our step. A nice little top, dress or pair of shoes can make us the dark days a little brighter.

However, nowadays, we’re not really buying standout items too often, are we? Instead, we’re all about buying something we can use and re-use. Here’s how to do it, and to make better value from your purchases.

Take a dress that you’ve worn out at night a few times and are sick of. Instead of shoving it to the back of the wardrobe, move it to daywear. See what you have to put under or over it. A lace body suit makes a great feature and keep you warm too! A cardigan or a gilet can really change up the style.


Don’t forget that a little accessorising can seriously alter the whole mood of the outfit. Patterened tights instantly make an outfit more playful and cute. Look in Penneys, Awear or Dunnes for a huge range of styles, patterns and colours.

Love the tights

Changing up your hair or make-up can transform one outfit into something completely different. I notice more Irish girls are very fond of hair around the face for a night out but I think there’s nothing more chic and sexy than hair pulled back off the face in a soft, messy bun.  Try it and see!

The less perfect the better.. huzzah!

Re-imagine your accessories as different ones! Love this scarf as a belt look. I’ll definitely being giving this a go. I love to tie a scarf to my bags too, for a splash of colour.


Buy a few wow statement necklaces and wear them over plain tees or dresses. The eye is completely drawn to them, and you’re bang on trend.

Love this

Hope this inspires a little flicker of imagination to rethink your wardrobe in a different context. Happy discovering! x


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