Product Review: Bliss Labs- Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

This review by Áine…
Phew, the name is long, but the mask itself works in just 5 minutes! I got this recently in a swap on’s fabulous swap siopa.

I had heard rave reviews for the Bliss products such as the steep clean cleanser and their famous oxygen facial, so was dying to try this out.

You cleanse your face, rub in the gel, which instantly begins to foam up and turns out like a moussey foam. It doesn’t sting or tingle and you only leave it on 5 minutes. Wash it off, and voila, a pick me up for tired skin.  Myself and Siún tried this after a hectic weekend and both of us really liked it.


It didnt break me out and wasn’t drying. I think it works on the same premise as Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, rehdrating and giving your skin a perk up! The bottle is really huge so you will have this ages. Bliss is available in Brown Thomas, and online at


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