A Note on Capes and Collars

Collars haven’t been this big since the Elizabethan era! Everywhere you look there are jewelled collars, leather ones, sequins, feathers- you name it, it can go round your neck.

As a long time convert to statement necklaces, collars and capelets are to me, beautiful. They can jazz up simple jumpers, dresses, or I love one peeping out from a blazer.

Joanne Hynes, the Irish collar queen makes the most beautiful, intricate designs, but sadly she’s outta my budget!
check Joanne out here http://www.joannehynes.com

Luckily the online shops and fashion retailers have come up with lovely pocket friendly alternatives.

I bought a lace ribbon tie collar in cream from Asos lately- it adds a cute element to tops and dresses and is better worn with simpler outfits- the collar doesn’t want to be clashing with every other accesory, it should be the statement piece.

Here’s my collar- in black


In Penneys the other day, I stumbled across a black and bronze sequin capelet collar, for €4!! There are also knitted versions and studded ones.

Jewelled from Asos

A plain grey loose jumper, skinny jeans and cute shoe boots, topped off with a collar..lovely

perfect hair for this

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