Wedding Wednesday: It’s Bling Time

Can you believe I’ve managed to be writing this blog for 6 months and not mentioned wedding rings?! What’s wrong with me! Rings are as subjective as they come aren’t they? Some rings I’ve loved, I’ve noticed my friends have hated. I suppose white gold and platinum are big at the moment but there has been a revival of yellow and rose gold in recent times too. Here are a few that I’ve liked.. that you might hate!

A vintage number






A little bow!


Love this shape


5 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: It’s Bling Time

  1. Love #2 and #4 – that little bow is so beautiful!
    I definitely sway more towards vintage/antique rings, love a bit of coloured stone too and it has to be quite big .. I’ve fat fingers and I like statement pieces!
    It amazing the variance in tastes where rings are concerned .. much much more-so than with wedding dresses I find.

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