Birthday Wishes

Pink Cake!

From today onwards, I’m moving into the next age bracket.. and none too happy about it.. I made a little list of the things I’d like to have achieved by next birthday. I’ll share a few with you!

Get in touch with old friends- I’m so lucky to have a fantastic group of friends but over the years, it’s hard to keep up with everyone. This year, I’m hoping to get better at that.

Vintage Friends

I’d like to have enough determination, stamina and strength to train for and run a half marathon this year.  See, I’ll have to do it now that I’ve told you all about it!



Having experienced life in the reef, I’d love to do more scuba diving.

Great Barrier Reef


I’m going to be tougher on myself when it comes to throwing clothes out and making space for new ones! If someone could just make me a wardrobe like this.. that’d be great.


I'm in awe

I’m planning on doing exactly what these scrabble letters tell me to do…


One last thing.. I’ll still be loving amazing clothes!


All the contrasts



3 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
    Hope you have a lovely day and superb year .. lots of plans to keep you going.

    The last photo reminded me of something – any ideas on where to get statement necklaces not too expensive? Want to get one or two for my new life in the heat as I think my clothes will be quite plain so need some ornamentation.

    SJ x

    • SJ, the best and most reasonable place that I’ve seen LOADS of great ones is Forever 21 in the Jervis. There is such a choice and they start at about €4. Happy shopping x

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