Product Review: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

We all seem to be coming back to the natural stuff of late, don’t we? Organic Irish food, yoga, running, drinking water and organic beauty products seem to be what’s hip in 2012.

I feel like I’m the last to acknowledge this gorgeous stuff. The beauty blogosphere have been a buzz with talk of this miracle oil for the past few months. It has won numerous awards internationally and generally seems to be working a treat for many’s a gal.

I had been tempted to give it a whirl before Christmas, but after coming back from a few weeks in the sun, taking a long haul flight and arriving back into central heating land, my skin really needed something extra.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil


I’ve only had this a few days, and I’d usually trial a product for a few weeks before reviewing but this stuff has had instantaneous results.  2-3 drops in the evening before bed and the same in the morning before moisturiser and my skin is softer, plumped out and happier than it has been in ages.

I was concerned about my combination skin kicking up with me putting oil on it, but so far, so good.  I’ll let you know if I fall out of love..

I picked up my Trilogy Rosehip Oil in Health Shop in Dundrum. €20 for 20 mls.




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