Product Review: Guinot Creme Hydra Beauté

This by Áine….

Guinot isn’t a brand that sets my world on fire to be honest. I know it is meant to be great, gets good results, is expensive…but still I haven’t been swayed! Despite going for a Hydradermie facial a few years ago during a period of having awful skin (it didn’t really help and involved no extractions!) I remained a Guinot-less girl till Christmas.
My lovely aunt gave me a Guinot travel pack, with this moisturiser. While trying to pack light for a trip I took it with me and trialled it for 3 weeks- and I really liked it! It is marketed at normal to dry skin, but I didnt let that put me off. It’s light and didn’t clog my pores at all.

Guinot Creme Hydra Beaute

Over three weeks of hot and cold weather with several long flights, this little baby kept my face happy. It smells vaguely of roses, and given I was on holidays I didn’t really use it as a base for makeup, so purely on a skincare level, it worked for me. The full size tube is quite pricey, at €40 plus euro, so I dont think I’ll be buying that yet, but I have a handbag and suitcase friendly sized cream to use up in the meantime! Have any of you tried Guinot? Are there must have products we should be trying?

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