Product Review: Roc Soleil Protexion +

This by Áine…
Forgive me father, for I am not a daily user of sunscreen..when you read interviews with flawless Hollywood babes, they all preach spf spf spf! Most moisurisers and foundations don’t offer a high spf content, so a separate product is the only way to go.

On my holidays recently I used facial sunscreen every single day, and topped up a few times a day, even when it wasn’t so sunny- hopefully I am now in a routine of doing that now I am home in misty Ireland. My best friend kindly gave me this Roc spf 50 to try, and I loved it! It promised anti aging effects and had special anti-brown spot magic added, but importantly my face didn’t burn at all on my trip.

Roc Soleil Protexion

The sunscreen isn’t too greasy and gave less of a white mask effect than some I had tried, such as a Simple suncream and  a Dermalogica offering. I love that it has a high spf and yet doesn’t feel heavy on my face.

Lets face it, spf is just one more skincare step, along with moisturiser/serum, yet so many of us disregard it. I don’t want to look like a crackly leather handbag in my old age due to sundamage,  so my new years resolution is- wear sunscreen. ROC, you have yourself a convert!


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