Wedding Wednesday: What if you’re not the Bride?!

My two gorgeous friends suggested that I recommend some wedding guest outfits instead of focusing on the bride all the time. I’ve perused many’s a wedding album and generally noted that many get it so right and many get it SO wrong.

Too short, too revealing and too much tan are my main bugbears.

A wedding outfit is not something to wear on a Saturday night. Remember you’ll be wearing this during the day as well as in the evening. There is nothing worse than something that is showing a little too much boob or bum.

I’m not sure how strict the rule about wearing cream or white is anymore but I don’t think I’d personally wear something that colour unless I knew the bride very well and it was cool with her. No extra ruffled feathers needed.

I am all about the hats at a wedding. The races and a wedding are the only time they seem to be regarded as acceptable so I think they’re your licence to really have fun.

Lay off the tan. Seriously gals, we know you’re Irish and not Carribean.  A little colour can take the pasty or mottled look off skin but try not to change your pigmentation!

Here are some nice pieces I’ve seen for possible wedding outfits.

First two from Warehouse, third from Miss Selfridge and last from Reiss

This could look amazing with a headpiece

I like the layered detail and colour here

I think this is a stunning colour, imagine it with chunky statement jewellery


6 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: What if you’re not the Bride?!

  1. Very disappointed, dont think any of these dresses are suitable for a wedding. The first two are for a summer’s day, not near dressy enough for a wedding. :(

  2. jean, I think it depends on personal style, and nowadays the ‘mini bride’ approach to wedding dresses for guests is fading fast!

  3. oooooo I love all of these, but have no weddings this year :( (actually I’m really happy). You should’ve also included the dress you’re planning on wearing to a wedding soon. oh and do a post on hats.

  4. Smart friends you have ;-) Love the first, really cute. I like the more casual and fun feel to Wedding Guest wear, its all about the celebration. I wore BRIGHT pink to a summer wedding this year & cheered me right up. Looking forward to planning finishing touches to the next two Wedding outfits, here’s hoping I make it to Day 3!!!

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