Salon Review: HD Brows at Carter Beauty

Has there ever been such a resurgance in popularity as the defined brow in the last few years? Almost overnight, there have been thousands of magazine articles, blog posts and salon treatments to achieve that perfect arch.

Us faired haired people are at a distinct disadvantage as the brows often just aren’t visible enough to start with. I’ve been using Benefit Brow Zings powder but when I heard all the fab reviews of HD brows,  it really piqued my interest.

Marissa Carter and her band of lovely ladies have introduced this treatment and it has appeared to be an instant success.  I rocked on up with my fair brows which hadn’t been threaded in about 6 or 7 weeks and hoped for the best.

I think Mila has been to Carter Beauty...

The treatment was explained to me before Claire went to work. Between measuring, gauging and then lots of precise threading, waxing and tweezing and tinting, this is a complicated affair.

I was hoping to come out with my brows well groomed and a nice arch but the end result completely exceeded my expectations. My brows are the best I’ve ever seen them. The tint is the perfect shade for me, the shape is totally natural and suits my face, and they’ve really opened my eyes up.  I cannot recommend this enough, I’m a HD addict from now on.

The first consultation and treatment costs €50 and €35 thereafter.



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