Product Review: Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream

After my beloved Ógra Skincare Nourishing Moisturiser ran out, I decided to give a new product a trial before I repurchase the Ógra cream.

At a Kiehls counter in the aiport in Argentina I decided to give a new product a whirl . My only experience of Kiehls to date was the luscious Midnight Recovery Serum, which I blogged about and loved.

The Ultra facial cream tub comes with claims about Greenland expeditions and all weather testing- so Ireland should prove a breeze for it so! The cream is unscented, sinks in vert quickly despite being thicker in consistency than I am used to using.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream




It has worked well under several different foundation formulations and so far I haven’t broken out at all! My only bugbear is there is no spf whatsoever in this moisturiser. However I am sticking to my spf use resolution and really am liking this Kiehls cream.

Have you tried the Kiehls range at all? Let us know!


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