Product Review:Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Are they real, no way they couldn’t be?! Normally followed by staring suspiciously at someones cleavage, with a cynical eye! But no, dear trickling  beauty fans, this isn’t a pervy post about being a peeping tom, but rather about enhancing one’s peepers!


Benefit They're Real

The first time I tried this mascara, I really was surprised, I found lashes I didn’t even know I had, by the tearducts and the outer corners of my eyes. It curled, it lifted, it was blacker than black. I did poke myself in the face and leave black marks by my nose and on my lid the first few times I used it, not knowing how best to handle the brush which you use horizontally and vertically( to separate!) I My eyes have become more of a feature now and I love the mascara teamed with a wash of Mac shroom ( a creamy shade) to have a nice neutral look.

The one downfall is you need to work fast with the wand or you will get spider leg clumps, so keep a clean mascara wand on hand to tidy up and to separate any unruly lashes. keep some crealine or micellar cleanser and cotton buds on hand to tidy up any smudges and hopefully you too will fall for They’re Real.

3 thoughts on “Product Review:Benefit They’re Real Mascara

  1. Do not stick the brush in your eye. That is all.

    Also I was totally underwhelmed by this mascara, Lancome still makes the best ones IMHO.

  2. I don’t like this one at all! I was forced into buying it by the Benefit girl in BT last Summer, when I just wanted regular Bad Gal Lash! Find this far too clumpy. I love Soap and Glory Thick and Fast at the moment, which is great value at only about half the price of Benfefit mascaras!

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