Mine’s an Old-fashioned.. Mad for Mad Men

My relationship with television is just about as convoluted as Don and Betty Draper’s. I realise that it is a source of much entertainment, but I lose interest as fast as you can say ‘Peggy Olsen is a force to be reckoned with’, and move onto the next book that needs reading on my ever-expanding bookshelf.

Once in a blue moon, a show captivates me, I put down the books, and I become an addict. This occurred with Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and more recently, Mad Men.

I fell for Don’s charm, Betty’s wardrobe, and Joan’s sharp tongue. I am about half way through series three and I’m still enthralled.

The fashion is totally inspiring too, nipped in waists, lace gloves, coiffed hair and lashings of lipstick, I am in heaven!

Mad Men fashion

The more I watch of it, the more I want to wear lipstick! Am I a marketer’s dream, or what?! I picked up the red lipstick (number one) from Rimmel’s Kate Moss collection having read rave reviews online and in Image’s beauty awards, and I’m very happy I did so.

It’s a red that is glam but isn’t garish, it’s a lot more wearable and less drying than some other high-end brands I’ve tried. The contrast between my fair skin and light eyes, really made this a winner.

I wore it yesterday with a simple outfit and it really worked. For less than €7, I think we should all unleash our inner Betty!

Kate Moss for Rimmel in No 1


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