Melanoma Awareness Month

La Roche Posay and Vichy, skincare specialists are heading up this brilliant campaign to make us all aware of how preventable skin cancer is these days.

Whether it means wearing a hat, staying out of the sun and wearing SPF as much as possible, these easy decisions could have a longterm massive effect on our lives in later years.

I think we all remember the thick, gloopy suncream we used to have to spend 20mins rubbing in and that puts us off the idea but La Roche Posay and Vichy have come up with some great new skin protectors which don’t play havoc with skin and are easily applied. These are designed to sit under your makeup without giving that terrible shine that SPF used to.

Here are a few of their offerings which I’ll be making use of during the summer (if we ever see the sun again…)


Both of these products retail at under €20 each and for the benefits to be reaped by using them, I would say put down that extra top and pick one of these up!




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